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Cybersecurity Google Online Security

How Hash-Based Safe Browsing Works in Google Chrome

There are various threats a user faces when browsing the web. Users may be tricked into sharing sensitive information like their passwords with a misleading

Cybersecurity Google Online Security

DNS-over-HTTP/3 in Android

Posted by Matthew Maurer and Mike Yu, Android team To help keep Android users’ DNS queries private, Android supports encrypted DNS. In addition to existing

Cybersecurity Google Online Security

SBOM in Action: finding vulnerabilities with a Software Bill of Materials

# Download the Kubernetes SPDX source document$ curl -L > k8s-1.21.3-source.spdx# Run the spdx-to-osv tool, taking the information from the SPDX SBOM and mapping

Cybersecurity Google Online Security

Retrofitting Temporal Memory Safety on C++

Memory safety in Chrome is an ever-ongoing effort to protect our users. We are constantly experimenting with different technologies to stay ahead of malicious actors.

Cybersecurity Google Online Security

I/O 2022: Android 13 security and privacy (and more!)

Every year at I/O we share the latest on privacy and security features on Android. But we know some users like to go a level

Cybersecurity Google Online Security

Taking on the Next Generation of Phishing Scams

Left: legitimate Google SMS verification. Right: spoofed message asking victim to share verification code. Post a Comment source

Cybersecurity Google Online Security

How we fought bad apps and developers in 2021

Providing a safe experience to billions of users continues to be one of the highest priorities for Google Play. Last year we introduced multiple privacy