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Cybersecurity IT Governance Blog

The Importance of Data Governance and Compliance

Data governance and regulatory compliance go hand in hand. Organisations need robust governance practices if they are to stay on top of their legal requirements,

Cybersecurity IT Governance Blog

Top 5 Cyber Security Risks for Businesses

In an increasingly digital world, there are an escalating number of cyber security risks for business to address. Criminal hackers are adept at spotting weaknesses,

Cybersecurity IT Governance Blog

Why Cyber Insurance is Essential in 2022

Organisations must always look for cost-effective ways to address the cyber security risks they face.With more than 1,200 publicly disclosed data breaches last year, and

Cybersecurity IT Governance Blog

What is a Cyber Security Audit and Why is it Important?

Cyber security audits are a vital component of an organisation’s defences against data breaches and privacy violations.By probing organisations’ systems and services, an auditor can

Cybersecurity IT Governance Blog

3 reasons cyber security training is essential

Organisations are always looking for ways to improve their security practices, and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is by providing employees

Cybersecurity IT Governance Blog

What are the best qualifications for cyber security in 2022?

There has never been a better time to start a career in cyber security. Organisations’ reliance on IT technical solutions has only increased with the

Cybersecurity IT Governance Blog

Cyber Essentials: 5 Controls That You Need to Know

Cyber Essentials is a UK government scheme that outlines steps that organisations can take to secure their systems.It contains five controls that cover the basics

Cybersecurity IT Governance Blog

The 14 Cloud Security Principles explained

Cloud security is an essential part of today’s cyber security landscape. With hybrid working now the norm, many organisations are relying on Cloud services to

Cybersecurity IT Governance Blog

What are the benefits of cyber security as a service?

With organisations’ cyber security requirements becoming more complex and the threat of cyber attacks growing each year, many decision-makers are turning towards cyber security as

Cybersecurity IT Governance Blog

The ultimate guide to PCI DSS compliance

If your business handles debit or credit card data, you’ve probably heard of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).It’s an information security

Cybersecurity IT Governance Blog

Catches of the Month: Phishing Scams for February 2022

Welcome to our February 2022 review of phishing attacks, in which we explore the latest scams and the tactics that cyber criminals use to trick

Cybersecurity IT Governance Blog

How to write an ISO 27001 remote access policy

Remote access is the future of business. Despite travel restrictions easing amid the pandemic, employees continue to work from home in their droves.According to a